My story began observing relaxing plains crossed by rivers and dotted with wooden buildings, an endless source of fulfilling shapes, colours and textures.

Today, I am London based menswear personal shopper and influencer who employs bespoke online platform and social media to deliver continuous inspiration.

With professional expertise in menswear buying and personal shopping, I harvest all year round to find the best hidden gems amongst the online stores, second-hands, sample sales, designer brands and high street shops.

Personal shopping

Online, in person or on your behalf, personal shopping is always tailored to meet your needs. Acquiring a specific item, getting best deals from around the world, being on top of new releases, collaborations and emerging brands or proactive wardrobe management with one thing in mind - you. With my help you will come to know your personal style and make your wardrobe work towards continuous style evolvement.

Ready To Wear Outfits

SHOPP-FLUENCE is a truly practical platform of professionally selected menswear outfits that are linked to e-commerce for an instant purchase. Every week you find new outfits within four main categories to suit your needs. It brings a real value to those who don’t want to risk their decision by simply providing ready to wear outfits free of charge and when personal shopping service is not preferred.

Free consultation

Helpful advice on your next new item or the whole outfit for a special occasion would do the job? This online consultation is free of charge and will help you make a decision or answer menswear related questions.




No person is the same, nor their needs for personal shopping. Meet SHOPP-FLUENCE - it gives free access to professionally selected outfits that get regular updates and can be purchased instantly.



I believe in an individual style over fashion trends and work towards enlightening products that enable continuous style evolvement. Whichever way our paths cross - this contributes towards the goal.

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